bbc micro:bit Workshop

What is the BBC Micro:Bit?

"You can use your BBC micro:bit for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless. The micro:bit is a handheld, fully programmable computer being given free to every Year 7 or equivalent child across the UK.This little device has an awful lot of features, like 25 red LED lights that can flash messages. There are two programmable buttons that can be used to control games or pause and skip songs on a playlist. Your BBC micro:bit can detect motion and tell you which direction you’re heading in, and it can use a low energy Bluetooth connection to interact with other devices and the Internet – clever!" BBC website

 What will I learn?

  • Reading and writing Python programming language

  • Drag and drop programming (block editor)

  • Develop creativity, logic and critical thinking

  • Discover exciting real world application of mathematics

  • Understanding of electrical circuits

  • Gain the knowledge to kick-start your own projects at home

The Workshop

During the workshop we'll focus mostly on physical computing and automated systems. Such as a watering can that automatically waters the plants when the soil get dry. Or a sonar system which could help a blind person navigate their surroundings. Participants will have the opportunity to bring their own inventions to life as the Micro: Bit allows for quick connecting and coding. We'll even look at controlling our projects over bluetooth via a smartphone app.

Teachers CPD

Gain the skills and confidence to lead your own Micro:bit workshops.

Private Tuition

We offer tuition on a one-to-one basis or for small groups.